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Snapshot data

As your team works with Lightrun, they can dynamically insert snapshots to track information based on a variety of conditions.

Once a snapshot is inserted into the application, the stacktrace can be viewed from the IDE and from the Lightrun app in your browser.

To view snapshot data from the app

Log in to the Management Portal and navigate to Entities=>Snapshot Data.

The screen loads, and appears similar to the following:

Snapshots in app

The screen is divided into two tables as follows:

  • A list of snapshots and their creation details appears at the top
  • Stacktrace details

The following table describes the data available in the first table:

Column Description
No The unique identifier assigned to the snapshot by the system
Create time The time at which the snapshot was created
Capture time The time at which the snapshot was actually taken.
Agent The agent or tag to which the snapshot was attached.
User The user who inserted the snapshot.
Entry point The line of code at which the snapshot was inserted.
Condition If relevant, displays the condition that was used for the snapshot.

Click the relevant snapshot from that table to view the associated stacktrace data in the second table.

View stacktrace

Following are the details available in this table (the Stacktrace table):

Column Description
Frames Each frame represents a single snapshot.
Variables Displays all related details for the selection in the Frame column.


For more information about snapshots, see Lightrun Actions.

Last update: October 27, 2021