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Version 1.7

Version 1.7

Release Date: August 29, 2022 (SaaS)

Features & Changes


  • We have added a new Dynamic Logs and Metrics configuration property called Target that allows you to configure where you want to view your action output. There are two configuration options.

    • Stdout - action output is routed only to the application's standard output.
    • Plugin - action output appears in the Lightrun Console, Lightrun Management Portal, and configured integrations like Slack, Prometheus,, etc.

    Also, the current agent routing option has been depreciated. For more information, see action target routing.

  • The Lightrun Audit Log has been improved. The audit log format has been enhanced to include more system-level configuration-related actions, and events unrelated to auditing purposes have been removed from the audit logs. We have also added an option to export audit log events into an Amazon S3 bucket in a Syslog message format for further analysis.
  • The JetBrains Lightrun Snapshot tool window and the VSCode Lightrun Console now display snapshot watch expressions before other variables. This change will make exploring your snapshot stack trace and variables in your IDE easier.
  • UI/UX improvements for the new action forms.
    • Implement autofocus on the Format field.
    • Implement support for recently used agents and tags.

Management Portal

  • UI/UX improvements for the Management portal.
  • We have added a new Service configuration property called Plugin send source full path. This property enables users with ROLE_MANAGER permissions to enable or disable the Lightrun Plugin Send Source Full Path option directly in their Management Portal. For more information, see Service configuration.

Python Agent

  • The Lightrun Python agent now supports Python 3.10.0.
  • The Lightrun Python agent now supports Windows OS! You can now create Lightrun actions (dynamic logs, metrics, and snapshots) using the Python agent directly on your Windows PC. For more information, see the Python agent system requirements.
  • We have added a new Python agent decorator called lightrun_serverless for running Lightrun with Serverless Frameworks like AWS Lambda. The Lightrun serverless decorator wraps around serverless functions and ensures that the Lightrun agent is enabled before starting the serverless function. It also disables the Lightrun agent when the function call finishes so that it can handle the next call to the serverless function. For more information, see Serverless Functions.

Node Agent

  • Lightrun plugins now send the full path of a Javascript file to the Lightrun Node.js agent instead of the filename only. This option is enabled by default and helps to solve the Node.js agent Multiple files match the path specified. For more information, see the Node.js agent troubleshooting guide.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Python agent crashes when creating or removing breakpoints.
  • Fixed Node.js agent disappearing from up and running pods.
  • Fixed Lightrun Server URL empty when VSCode plugin is downloaded from the VSCode marketplace.

Last update: November 30, 2023