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Version 1.2

Release Date: October 27, 2021

Features & Changes

JVM Agent

  • Windows operating system support (preview)
  • Show informative error when can't acquire JVM capabilities
  • Extended expression now supports custom length through agent configuration

Python Agent

  • Lightrun now supports Python applications, including Django, Flask and Apache Airflow frameworks. Add logs and snapshots to your Python application at runtime without the need for restarts or redeployments

Node.js Agent

  • Lightrun now supports Node.js applications, including Express and Koa frameworks. Add logs and snapshots to your Node.js application at runtime without the need for restarts or redeployments

JetBrains Plugin

  • JetBrains plugin now supports PyCharm IDE
  • JetBrains plugin now supports WebStorm IDE
  • Kotlin is now supported in IntelliJ IDE
  • Allow log piping per action through Lightrun CLI
  • Added pagination to agents list
  • Max agents to display is configurable through settings
  • Added support for .class files
  • Improved performance
  • JavaScript code completion when adding actions
  • Add the option to test the server URL
  • Primary agent/tag is selected when adding a new action
  • Last used agent/tag is selected by default when adding a new action, if there is no pinned agent/tag
  • Reduced the number of plugin refreshes
  • Show "View only" agents after license limit is reached

Management Portal

  • Added pagination to agents table
  • PII redaction & blacklist pattern tester
  • Minor styling upgrade
  • Show "View only" agents after license limit is reached
  • Show plan details - agents/seats count


  • Support multiple Lightrun concurrent agents at large scale
  • Improved Prometheus endpoint query time
  • Server license validation
  • CLI support for snapshot expressions
  • Autofill user email for invited users
  • Upgrade KeyCloak version to 13.0

Bug Fixes

JVM Agent

  • Log failure when printing counter stats

JetBrains plugin

  • Exceptions are shown only after second refresh
  • Couldn't expand snapshot data
  • Couldn't close embedded browser window
  • Couldn't add action to programming languages that are not supported in source versioning
  • Plugin disconnects when left-clicking the status button
  • Snapshot tab is not selected when loading a snapshot from file
  • Clicking 'only my logs' threw an exception
  • IDE froze on logout when network is disconnected
  • Actions were hidden when filtering agents

Management Portal

  • Audit table sort
  • Collect logs more than once throws an exception
  • User was able to deactivate his own user
  • Fix toggle button in edit user dialog
  • Google translate was translating code instructions


  • DB timestamps resolution
  • PII redaction wasn't working in snapshot frames
  • Agent with empty API Key threw an exception
  • Agent was unable to get hostname from Alpine Docker

Last update: November 24, 2021