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Version 1.1

Version 1.1.0

Release Date: April 18, 2021

Features & Changes

JVM Agent

  • Improved resource indexing

JetBrains Plugin

  • Added the ability to filter logs in the Lightrun console, based on agent ID
  • Added copy log lines from Lightrun console to clipboard
  • Minor design changes

Management Portal

  • New login UI
  • Added Lightrun Community version, supporting a single agent and a single seat
  • Allow editing PII redaction patterns
  • Added custom error pages
  • Every user can see Entities pages in the Management Portal


  • Added integration with Sentry
  • Agents now report host's resources
  • Added KeyCloak brute force protection
  • Token is now stored in HTTP cookie instead of browser's local storage
  • Agent reports data in batches to improve performance

Bug Fixes

  • User couldn't change password when signing up with Google
  • Authentication didn't redirect to the correct page
  • User couldn't scroll error dialogs
  • Default action expiration value was wrong
  • Agent info dialog opened in a different IDE window

Last update: December 4, 2023