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Lightrun REST API


The Lightrun API is an HTTP REST API. From Lightrun version 1.29, you can configure REST API commands for the Runtime Reachability feature.

This is how you use the Lightrun REST API using cURL as an example.


You can download cURL here. For information on how to configure and use cURL, click here.


From Lightrun version 1.29, the Lightrun APIs are available as part of the Lightrun Server.


Lightrun uses API keys to authenticate REST API requests. You manage your API keys directly in the Lightrun Management Portal.

All APIs require authentication. The api-key will be passed via an http header.

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer API-KEY" url

Lightrun returns the following error message with a status code of 401 if authentication information is not valid or missing.

  "message": "401 Unauthorized"

Data Encryption

The communication is encrypted at transit via TLS 1.2 or higher.


Lightrun supports offset-based pagination, where the default number of records on a page is 10, with a maximum limit of 1000 records.

To modify pagination when listing resources, you can use the offset and limit parameters.

For example, the command to retrieve records 51 through 75, would be:

curl ""

HTTP Response Codes

Lightrun uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. The following table provides a list of return codes along with an explanation for each code.

Number Type Description
200 OK Successful transition.
201 Package added to the watch list. Package successfully added to watchlist.
400 Invalid input, object invalid parameters The request failed because it didn't include all the information.
401 Unauthorized API Key is invalid.
402 Request Failed The request failed but the parameters are valid.
409 Watched package already exists The package added to the watch list already is set as watched.

Get Started

To access the Lightrun API, click here.

Last update: July 21, 2024