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About the Lightrun LogOptimizer(™)

Lightrun LogOptimizer(™) is an automated log optimization solution that allows developers to scan their code for log “wastes”. The LogOptimizer scans your current code, or entire codebase, for potential logging issues, like unnecessary logging statements, and returns a message explaining the suspected cases with suggestions on how to fix the problem directly from within your IDE.

The Lightrun LogOptimizer solution is currently shipped with the Lightrun JetBrains plugin and is available to the JetBrains suite of IDEs. The LogOptimizer can scan and provide information about potential logging issues for Java and Node.js projects. For more information, see Get Started with the Lightrun LogOptimizer.

Using the Lightrun LogOptimizer(™)

The Lightrun LogOptimizer(™) solution scans your current code, or entire codebase, for potential logging issues and returns information about the suspected issues with instructions on how to fix these issues.

When using the Lightrun LogOptimizer(™) solution, It is still up to the developer to review the results provided by the software, investigate the relevant source code, and decide what to do next. The Lightrun LogOptimizer(™) solution only exists to guide the developer and help them make the right decisions. Please contact our support team if you have questions or suggestions about the Lightrun LogOptimizer(™).

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Last update: December 4, 2023