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Configure Lightrun with Apache Tomcat

Tomcat is an open source Java application server by Apache. Applications are installed on Tomcat with a compressed Java web application resource (WAR) file.

To start using Lightrun, first add an additional parameter to the JAVA_OPTS configuration variable in the WAR file.

To configure Lightrun with Apache Tomcat
  1. Copy the following agent path configuration:

    2. Insert relevant values for each of the parameters, as follows: - install_dir is the path where the agent is saved - tomcat-path is the path to the Tomcat project - app-name.war is the name of the war file of the project

  2. Paste the agent path as an additional parameter to the JAVA_OPTS variable in your WAR file.

  3. Restart the Tomcat server to apply the configuration:

    ./ stop
    ./ start


  • This configuration enables the Lightrun agent to run every time the webserver restarts.
  • Tomcat autodeploy (dynamic deployment) does not start a new agent. The agent should be restarted in order to apply new actions.

Last update: June 6, 2024