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MicroProfile and Jakarta EE (TomEE, Geronimo and Payara)

MicroProfile is a standard not an implementation. It is a specification for a set of features that can be used in a variety of server implementations.

Jakarta EE is a standard whose roots date back to Java EE. The standards are complimentary and some application servers implement both e.g. TomEE.

There are many implementations of the MicroProfile specification but due to their variance it's hard to provide universal configuration guidelines.


At this time Lightrun doesn't support native compilation with GraalVM. Some MicroProfile implementations place heavy emphasis on native compilers, that wouldn't work. We're actively working on a solution for GraalVM. If you're interested in that please contact us.


TomEE is an Apache application server with support for both Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. It is built on top of Tomcat and as such can use the same instructions as Tomcat.


Apache Geronimo is a newer application server implementation. You can configure Lightrun via the environment variable JAVA_OPTS.


export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -agentpath:<install_dir>/agent/


The path-to-application argument helps Lightrun locate the applicable JAR/WAR/EAR file so it can bind debug information correctly. Lightrun will appear to work without it but might fail to add actions.

Once this environment variable is defined you can run Geronimo as usual.


Payara is a Jakarta EE & MicroProfile compatible application server. It is built on top of GlassFish.

Payara supports a Micro uber JAR which works similarly to Spring Boot by packaging the entire application into a single JAR. This makes deployment very easy, just use the standard agent syntax:


If you're using the full application server check out this guide on customizing JVM arguments. And add the following to the JVM:


Last update: June 6, 2024