Lightrun can send you alerts to inform you about different exceptions that are thrown in your applications.

Users with ROLE_MANAGER can configure alerts based on:

  • weekly or daily notifications
  • conditions:

    • every time there is a new error
    • errors that occur frequently
    • errors whose frequency has increased over time


Only users with ROLE_MANAGER can perform these actions.

To configure these alerts
  1. From a browser, go to your Lightrun account.

  2. Navigate to Exceptions=>Email notifications from the menu bar.

    The Email notifications window opens:

    Email Alerts -third

  3. To specify specific recipients for the configured notifications, enter a comma separated list of relevant addresses in the Email Recipients section similar to the following:

    Email Alerts -third

  4. Enable daily and weekly notifications if relevant.

  5. Scroll down to the Get Notifications section:

    Email Alerts -half

    Enable the relevant options and configure their specific conditions as follows:

    • A new error occurs - no special conditions
    • Error occurs frequently - the notification is to be sent once the error occurs more than the number of times indicated in the Over field over the course of time indicated in the times in field.
    • Frequency of specific exception increased - the notification is to be sent when the frequency of the error increases by X amount over the last Y amount of time.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Last update: September 27, 2021