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Integrate Lightrun and Nomad


Only users with ROLE_MANAGER permissions can perform these actions.

Nomad is a flexible workload orchestrator that enables an organization to easily deploy and manage any containerized or legacy application using a single, unified workflow. Nomad can run a diverse workload of Docker, non-containerized, microservice, and batch applications.

You can run Lightrun with Java applications that are deployed and managed by Nomad, using the Lightrun Nomad driver.


To run Lightrun with Nomad you need your lightrun_server and YOUR_COMPANY_SECRET configuration details. To find these, log into the Management Portal and look inside the Download the Agent section.

Run a Nomad job with the Lightrun driver


  1. Download or clone the Lightrun driver repository.
  2. Find the lightrun-java-driver driver in the repository's root folder.
  3. Copy the driver to your Nomad plugins directory (or create one if it doesn't exist).
  4. Grant executable permissions to the driver file: chmod +x ./plugins/lightrun-java-driver.
  5. When running the Nomad's agent, make sure to specify the path to your plugins directory:
    sudo nomad agent -dev -bind -log-level DEBUG -plugin-dir=<path_to_plugins_directory>

Task Configuration

The lightrun-java driver accepts all configuration options of the Nomad java driver.

  1. Add lightrun-java as a driver to your job file.
  2. Set lightrun_server, YOUR_COMPANY_SECRET and lightrun_certificate as part of the config object.

For example:

task "run-with-lightrun" {
   driver = "lightrun-java"


   config {
      lightrun_server = ""
      lightrun_certificate = "ee80811b38e7e6c2dc4cc372cbea86bd86b446b012e427f2e19bf094afba5d12"

A complete job file example can be found at example/example.driver.nomad

The Lightrun driver uses the arguments provided in the config section and automatically downloads and runs the Lightrun agent.

Setting the Lightrun configuration globally

To set Lightrun configuration globally for any Nomad job, you must run the Nomad agent with an agent.hcl file.

See an example at example/agent.hcl.

To run the Nomad agent with the configuration file, use:

sudo nomad agent -dev -bind -log-level DEBUG -config=./agent.hcl -plugin-dir=<path_to_plugin_directory>


  1. Why don't I see Lightrun logs in the Lightrun Console?

    For Lightrun to send observability data to your integrations, ensure:

    - The application has a running agent attached to it - Your action Target is set to Plugin.

Last update: July 21, 2024