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Install the agent

The Lightrun agent is the core of how the platform collects and displays relevant data for you.

Prerequisites for installing the agent vary depending on the application server you're using. Every application server has its own distinct set of JVM customization arguments.

Go to Server Configuration for more details.


Lightrun currently supports JVM-based applications.

Set up the agent
  1. From the server where your application is running, log in to Lightrun from the browser.

  2. Navigate to Getting started=>Install the agent.

    Install the agent

  3. From the Install the Agent section, select the tab for the operating system that your application server has installed.

  4. Copy and run the script. The script on this page already includes your server IP and port values.

    This script is already customized for you with your server IP and port values.


    Check out the content of the file agent/agent.config. It includes many options, including the URL for the Lightrun server. See Agent Administration for additional information.

  5. Once you've deployed the agent, add it to your application as follows:

    1. From the application server, navigate to the folder where your application resides.

    2. From the browser, copy the command and follow the instructions to run it.

Last update: April 6, 2021