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Get started with Lightrun

It’s time to get started with debugging your applications effortlessly. Explore our options for trying out Lightrun and dive into real-time debugging and troubleshooting with Lightrun.

Try it out!

Experience our developer-friendly environment firsthand through our virtual playground, enabling you to test Lightrun in a real, live application within seconds. No configuration required. Simply visit to get started.

Feel free to experiment with the Lightrun platform against a live running application and witness modern troubleshooting and debugging using dynamic logs, metrics, and snapshots.

Ready to dive deeper?

Book a demo!

Get a demo and learn how to easily debug applications in various types of deployment methods and topologies: microservices, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, ECS, Big Data, serverless, and more. For a personalized walkthrough or to address specific queries, feel free to schedule a demo with our team.

Lightrun pricing

Check out our plans and pricing for more information. We're here to streamline your debugging process without the hassle.

Start using Lightrun

  1. Install the Lightrun plugin for your IDE:

  2. Install the Lightrun agent for your runtime environment:

  3. Add your first action.

Last update: July 21, 2024