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View exceptions from the browser

Lightrun can monitor all exceptions that are thrown in the applications that you're monitoring, and then offer insights about those exceptions.


To receive exception reports and insights, an admin should first configure the agent for exceptions.

Additionally, by default, every exception in the application is reported - even those caught by the exception handler. You can change this with property configuration in the admin.config file.

From the server you can view general statistics about exceptions, and you can also drill down to view more specific details per exception.

To view exceptions data
  1. From your browser, log in to Lightrun.

  2. Select Exceptions and choose Data

    The Exceptions table loads:

    Exceptions Table

Understanding exceptions data

The Exceptions table lists general details and statistics for each of the exceptions that are thrown by all of the applications you're watching.

The Exceptions table appears similar to the following:

Exceptions Table -half

From this area, you can:

Go to the top right of the table area to access different search options, such as those in the following image:

Exceptions Search -half

You can search using:

  • free text
  • by pre-configured specific time frames available from the Time dropdown list
  • by a custom range of time that you set yourself

View exception type details and exception stack traces

You can drill down to view:

  • specific details for a specific exception type
  • stack trace frame-by-frame for a specific exception instance
To drill down for details
  1. Click a specific type of exception from the table to view the list of exceptions of that type and related details.

  2. From the module listing exceptions by type, click a specific exception to view its stack trace.

    You can also view snapshots of individual frames in the stack trace.

    Exceptions Details -half

  3. Click the row of a specific frame to view the variables related to the exception that was thrown.

Last update: September 20, 2022