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Collect all log output

Lightrun agent logs are collected and made available for troubleshooting if any issues arise while using Lightrun.

Managers can work with agent logs as follows:

  • Collect logs from all active agents and plugins
  • Download any of the collected output
  • Delete log output - this only deletes the output you've collected


This is not related to the dynamic Lightrun log action, but rather the logs collected from the running agents and active plugins and other associated Lightrun services.

Work with logs
  1. From the browser, navigate to Managers->Collect Lightrun logs.

    The log collection area loads:

    Collect logs -half

  2. To collect new active logs, click Collect.

  3. To download a log, click Download from the relevant log row in Log Requests table.

  4. To delete output, click Delete from the relevant log row in Log Requests table.

Last update: October 27, 2021