Action Output Routing

Lightrun Logs and Metrics can be viewed according to the Lightrun agent's routing configuration options:

Routing Configuration Description
Stdout / App The default option. Logs and Metrics are routed only to the application's standard output.
Plugin Logs and Metrics appear in the Lightrun Console, Management Portal, and any configured logging framework integrations. Dynamic logs are not sent to standard output.
Both Logs and Metrics appear in the the Lightrun Console, Management Portal, standard output, and any configured logging tool integrations.

Lightrun Snapshot stack traces are displayed under the Snapshots tab within the Lightrun plugin and also sent to the Lightrun Management Portal, where they can be retrieved by any authorized user for offline analysis.

Quota configuration

Lightrun limits its usage of CPU, memory, I/O (the amount of outputted logs) and other system resources to protect the app performance. Users with IGNORE_QUOTA role can choose to ignore the agent quota limitations. The quota limits can be changed per agent by passing different Lightrun configuration, one way to change the configurations is using the agent.config file.

See each runtime's advanced configuration section for particular details:

Last update: May 18, 2022