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About actions

Actions are any of the snapshots, dynamic logs or metrics that you request to add to your application directly from specific lines of its source code.

Adding an action triggers a request that is sent to the agent. Once verified, the requested instrumentation is then added to the running application without interrupting any services.

Performance configurations

Lightrun limits its usage of CPU, memory, I/O (the amount of outputted logs) and other system resources. Users with the IGNORE_QUOTA role can customize these limits from the agent.config - see each runtime's advanced configuration section for more information.

Once the action is added, the resulting output appears (based on piping configuration) from the:

  • IDE of the user who inserted it
  • IDE of any other user in the account
  • app in the browser for all users in the account
  • integrated APM and logging tools
  • terminal window on the application server from which the agent is running

Additionally, any user can use the action ID to view output from their CLI.

Last update: October 27, 2021