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Manage services

You can manage certain service configurations for your developers directly from the Management Portal.


Only users with ROLE_MANAGER permissions can perform these actions.


You can also manage many of these properties and others directly from the agent.config file or from the terminal.

To manage your service configurations
  1. Log in to your Lightrun account.
  2. Click Settings located at the bottom left corner of your Management Portal.
  3. Select Service configuration under Lightrun's logs collector in the settings menu.

Service configuration

The following table describes the services and actions you can perform from this page:

Option Type/unit Default Description
Clear Exceptions History Button Clears all exceptions from the cache
Clear Agent History Button Clears all agent activity from the cache.
Agents Detached (applies on save) Toggle Shuts all agents down when enabled.
Agent Expiration [sec] Seconds 30 This is the time it takes for the server to delete inactive agents
Log Data Expiration [sec] Seconds 10000 Log data older than this is deleted
Snapshot Expiration [sec] Seconds 60 Snapshot data older than this is deleted
TicToc Data Expiration [sec] Seconds 300 TicToc data older than this is deleted
Counter Data Expiration [sec] Seconds 300 Counter data older than this is deleted
Min Action TTL [sec] Seconds 60 Minimum time you can set for action TTL
Max Snapshot Count Hits 50 Maximum hit count value you can set for snapshots
Min Snapshot Count Hits 1 Minimum hit count value you can set for snapshots.
Custom Metric Data Expiration [sec] Seconds 300
Exceptions Data Expiration [sec] Seconds 2592000
Daily Exceptions Limit 1000

Last update: May 18, 2022