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Install the plugin

To use Lightrun from your IDE, you need to first install the Lightrun IDE Plugin.



Lightrun currently supports WebStorm by JetBrains. Support for more IDEs (including VS Code) is coming soon - sign up for our beta program to learn more!

  1. Navigate to Preferences (on Mac OS) or Settings (on Windows/Linux) in your IDE:

    WebStorm Preferences

  2. Go to the Plugins section and select the Marketplace tab. Once selected, search for Lightrun and click Install:

    Install Plugin from Marketplace

  3. When prompted, restart WebStorm. After the restart, Lightrun will appear in the right-hand sidebar and you can log into it by clicking the "Login" button. Once logged in, you can move on to the next step - running the Lightun Node Agent with your application.

Lightrun - In Your IDE!

Last update: September 27, 2021