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Observability integrations overview

Lightrun offers integrations for multiple monitoring, alerting and communication platforms. The list of supported integrations is constantly expanding. You can see the updated list of the integrations and configure each of them through the Integrations page.


Only users with ROLE_MANAGER permissions can perform these actions.

Currently, Lightrun supports the following integrations:

  1. Open a browser and log in to your Lightrun account.

  2. Go to the Manager menu and click System Integrations.

    The page loads with all available integrations:

    Integrations Page -third

Direct data to the plugin

For Lightrun to send observability data to your integrations, ensure:

  • The application has a running agent attached to it
  • Either Plugin or Both is configured for data piping
To configure piping in IntelliJ
  1. Navigate to the plugin from any client machine.

  2. Ensure the Lightrun plugin is installed and authenticated.

    Enable piping -quarter

  3. From the Agents area, click Piping -icon and select either Both or Plugin for each agent for which you would like to receive data through these integrations.

Last update: June 19, 2022