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Install the plugin

Looking for on-prem docs?

For on-premises (self-hosted) deployments, use these requirements and follow these instructions to create an account and these instructions to install the plugin.


Lightrun currently supports the IntelliJ IDE.

With Lightrun, you can add actions (logs, metrics, snapshots) from the source code of your live app either from your IDE, or from the CLI. To use Lightrun through your IDE, you need to first install the plugin.

To install the plugin


To use Lightrun, attach the Lightrun agent to your running application.

  1. Navigate to your IntelliJ instance.

  2. Navigate to Preferences (on Mac OS) or Settings (on Windows/Linux):

    IntelliJ Preferences Menu on Mac OS

  3. Go to the Plugins section and select the Marketplace tab.

  4. Search for Lightrun and click Install:

    Install plugin from Marketplace

  5. When prompted, restart IntelliJ.

    Lightrun appears in the right-hand sidebar.

    The sidebar -half

  6. Now authenticate the plugin with your Lightrun account and you're ready to get working.

Last update: May 5, 2021