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Authenticate Lightrun

Authenticate the Plugin

Everytime you want to work from your IDE with Lightrun, you need to first authenticate your local environment with your Lightrun account.


These instructions assume you have already created a Lightrun Account and installed a Lightrun Plugin in your IDE.

To authenticate Lightrun from the IDE
  1. From your IDE, click the Lightrun tab to expand the sidebar.

    Login from IntelliJ -quarter

  2. Click the red banner from the top of the plugin display.

    The browser opens to the Lightrun login page:

    Login Dialog -quarter


    The display might appear differently, with the Login and Register options appearing as buttons in the center of the Lightrun pane, similarly to the following: Login Dialog -ten In this case, click the relevant option to authenticate.

  3. Log in to Lightrun with your user credentials.

    Once you're logged in, the Lightrun page reloads with a confirmation message. Notice that there's a timeout configured; you might need to re-login if the timeout elapses.

  4. Go back to your IDE.

    The Lightrun banner in the sidebar now appears green:

    Status Button -third


    If you authenticate Lightrun successfully, but relevant options are hidden, this means no agents are connected on the application server.

    The contextual Lightrun menu in your IDE displays relevant options:

    Right Click Context Menu -third

    And the Lightrun quick menu appears on your tool bar:

    IntelliJ Quick Menu -third

Watch this video to get up and running:

Lightrun - Getting started from IntelliJ from Lightrun on Vimeo.

Last update: September 27, 2021